Vice President's Remarks at a Rally for the Troops in Afghanistan [December 19, 2005]   [open pdf - 48KB]

From the Document: "Some of the challenges in the Afghan campaign were unprecedented. For example, our naval expeditionary forces had to establish a forward-operating base 450 miles inland -- more than twice the distance that previous doctrine considered supportable. And yet for all the difficulties we had to confront, America and our superb coalition partners acted with speed and precision -- bringing down the Taliban, capturing or killing hundreds of al Qaeda, and liberating 25 million people from tyranny. As we pledged to do, our coalition has stood with this nation and helped prepare the way for democratic institutions and a free society. On our trip last December, Mrs. Cheney and I had the privilege of attending the inauguration of President Hamid Karzai. Just this morning we witnessed another milestone, as newly elected representatives took their place as members of the Afghan Parliament. Once again, in free elections, the Afghan people have shown the world their determination to chart their own destiny. In this journey of freedom and progress, they will continue to have the full support of America and our coalition. We are proud to count Afghanistan as a free country, a fellow democracy, and a friend of the United States of America."

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