Standards for Local Civil Preparedness   [open pdf - 4MB]

"These Standards for Civil Preparedness have been developed jointly by local, State, and Federal civil preparedness professionals. They are provided as an aid in implementing the major emphasis of civil preparedness. This emphasis aims at improving the ability of local governments to act swiftly and effectively to save life and preserve property if the community is threatened or hit by any kind of emergency or disaster-whether a peacetime emergency or enemy attack upon the United States. This requires making effective, coordinated use of all assets available to the community, from the executive talents of its top officials; to its police, fire and other forces; to its ambulances, hospitals, and medical professionals; to shelters to protect its citizens. This in turn requires emphasis on people and training them to work together. These Standards should be used in training new and experienced local Civil Preparedness Directors/Coordinators at Federally conducted or sponsored training activities, and in on-site assistance or conferences at the community level. The Standards are also intended for use by local Directors in analyzing the level of readiness of their community, as a basis for making improvements."

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