President Announces Substantial Increases in Homeland Security Budget [January 24, 2002]   [open pdf - 37KB]

This transcript includes the January 24, 2002 remarks of President Bush to U.S. Mayor and County Officials in which he announces substantial increases in the Homeland Security budget. "Part of our task is to recognize there are 36,000 local jurisdictions all around the country. And how do we make sure there are some standards, how do we make sure, you know, that the fire hydrant hookup works in one city and can go across the region and fit another city? How do we make sure information flows properly? How do we make sure there's mutual aid agreements in the neighborhoods? How do we make sure that the communications equipment and the rescue equipment is compatible not only within a state but nationwide? Those are the tasks ahead, and that's part of the challenge we face. But I'm confident that if we work with you, we can meet the challenge. There's no question in my mind that, given the right impetus and the right focus, the right communications and the right money, we can make it work. We have no choice. We're all charged."

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