Governor Ridge Addresses U.S. Conference of Mayors [January 23, 2002]   [open pdf - 41KB]

This document is a transcript of the remarks of Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge at the January 23, 2002 U.S. Conference of Mayors. The question/answer session is also included in this transcript. "We have a mutual interest in making our communities not only safer, but better. And I'm convinced that the new partnership and relationship we are developing with the group of seven will get us there. And I'm reminded not only by that wonderful video that you've put together, but also in my continuing discussion with Mayor Morial, that you are the domestic troops, that you are front line. The collaboration and the test ground, if you will, for cities like Louisville, Kentucky, the state of Kentucky and the federal government to come together as a working unit is a real opportunity to learn more about how we can handle events of this nature, because international events are going to be the thing of the future, not of the past."

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