Islamic Terror and the West: A Question of Priorities   [open pdf - 909KB]

"President Mubarak of Egypt and Prime Minister Rabin of Israel have urged President Clinton to join with them in a 'war on Islamic terror.' Both men insist that Iran is fomenting a plot against the West; and that the World Trade Center bombing is an example of terrorist activities that are part of this plot. The author examines these claims and argues that they are not credible, that all of the evidence they cite is circumstantial, and that much of it is contradictory. He concludes that the conspiracy does not exist. He suggests that both men are confronting dangerous security situations at home, and are having difficulty coping with these situations. They hope to enlist the aid of the United States to maintain themselves in power. The author suggests that this call to mount a war on so-called Islamic terrorism is potentially damaging to U. S. security in the Middle East. Specifically, it could complicate the ability of the American military to guard vital U.S. interests in this part of the world."

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