United States National Space Security Policy and the Strategic Issues for DOD Space Control   [open pdf - 86KB]

"The list of how space technology contributes to the world economy grows almost daily. Space globalization is racing faster than U.S. National Security Strategy can keep up. The U.S. Strategy calls for the military to develop capabilities to protect U.S. assets in outer space. This is to ensure the use of space assets during time of conflict. Potential adversaries understand the vulnerabilities. America must deny the enemy use of space if called upon to do so and ensure its ability to operate freely. Space Control actions will increasingly encounter strategic issues as adversaries use third party space assets to enhance their military and intelligence operations. What are the implications for military and national security planners when third party space assets and services are interwoven into an adversary's capabilities? Will current U.S. space policy meet the needs of the nation in an era of space globalization? To answer these questions this paper will review the national and military policies on space. It will also summarize the effects of space globalization, to include the world's increasing reliance on civilian space assets. Finally, a strategic analysis of space control policies and doctrine will determine if there is a sound space strategy in the face of globalization and if not, suggest recommendations for possible action."

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