Departmentwide Program Evaluation of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Programs   [open pdf - 920KB]

"The objectives of the Departmentwide hazardous materials program evaluation are: (1) to document current hazardous materials movements, Operating Administrations's programs, and program delivery and (2) to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Transportation's (DOT) overall hazardous materials program as it affects each step in the hazardous materials transportation process, from packaging manufacturer to delivery to the end user; recommend improvements; and, identify areas for further study. The evaluation is intended to allow the Department to determine the effectiveness of the current hazardous materials programs, including the effectiveness and efficiency of DOT's allocation of its hazardous materials resources. There are roughly 300 million hazardous materials shipments in the nation each year and the vast majority of these shipments arrive at their destinations safely. 2 In 1998, there were 15,322 incidents, including 429 serious incidents; 13 deaths; and 198 injuries. Although this is a relatively good safety record, given the number of shipments and movements, there remains the potential for catastrophic incidents in the transportation of hazardous materials where multiple fatalities, serious injuries, large-scale evacuations, and other costs to society could result."

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ONE DOT Task Force Final Report, March 2000
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United States Office of Hazardous Materials Safety: http://hazmat.dot.gov/
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