SEMP Biot #410: Tamiflu Alert! 36 Million Americans Owned Tamiflu in October 2006   [open pdf - 192KB]

"Of America's 300 million residents, about 36 million (12%) owned a supply of Tamiflu (oseltamivir), or similar antiviral drug, according to an October 2006 survey conducted by Robert Blendon, et al, Harvard School of Public Health. Tamiflu, a prescription drug, can reduce the duration of viral replication and improve prospects for survival, provided it is administered within 48 hours following symptom onset, according to the World Health Organization. Tamiflu should be an essential plan of any plan to control pandemic flu, according to the WHO and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This new information about the surprising prevalence of Tamiflu in American homes adds fuel to the ongoing debate as to whether the government or the private sector is better qualified to supply essential public services, such as provision of Tamiflu, for management of a potential or actual flu epidemic or pandemic."

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Suburban Emergency Management Project Biot No. 410; SEMP Biot No. 410
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