Policing in Cincinnati, Ohio: Official Policy vs. Civilian Reality   [open pdf - 10MB]

"This report is a product of the continuing concern of the Ohio Advisory Committee with the administration of justice in Ohio. In particular, the Committee is concerned with how justice is administered to minorities, both racial and cultural, as well as to women and poor people. The present study of the Cincinnati Police Division has focused on use of force, distribution of services, and employment of minorities and women. In addition, involvement of the State and Federal Government is reviewed along with selected national issues in policing and proposed solutions to current problems. The Committee investigated the Cincinnati Police Division over an 18-month period. The Division itself provided a wealth of data covering official policies and procedures. In addition, the Committee held a two-day fact-finding meeting on June 28-29, 1979 at which civilians as individuals and as representatives of community organizations presented their concerns about police practices in Cincinnati. Police officials and officers, local and county enforcement personnel, city administrators and legislators, and the Mayor participated in the fact-finding meeting as well."

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