DHS Science & Technology: Enabling Technology to Protect the Nation [powerpoint]   [open pdf - 2MB]

This presentation outlines the Dept. of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate goals: Accelerate delivery of enhanced technological capabilities to meet requirements and fill capability gaps to support DHS Agencies in accomplishing their mission, establish a lean and agile GS-manned, world-class S&T management team to deliver the technological advantage necessary to ensure DHS Agency mission success and prevent technology surprise, and provide leadership, research and educational opportunities and resources to develop the necessary intellectual basis to enable a national S&T workforce to secure the homeland. It also explains S&T realignment, and what's currently in place. The DHS S&T investment portfolio balances risk, cost, impact, and time to delivery. A diagram indicates the placement of each office and position within the S&T Directorate. Current research includes studies on the advanced CTX algorithm: enhanced performance of deployed CTX equipment for checked bag screening, and enhanced interpretation of CTX images to: increase the probability of detection, reduce the false alarm rate, enhance throughput, and increase screener effectiveness. Another map illustrates DHS requirements/capability capstone IPTs. A map of the United States illustrates the DHS University Network.

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Spring 2007 Symposium: NPS/HSDEC/DHS Education Summit. Fairfax, VA. February 27-28, 2007
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