Planning: Complex Endeavors   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This is a continuation in the series of publications produced by the Center for Advanced Concepts and Technology (ACT), which was created as a 'skunk works' with funding provided by the CCRP under the auspices of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (NII). This program has demonstrated the importance of having a research program focused on the national security implications of the Information Age. It develops the theoretical foundations to provide DoD with information superiority and highlights the importance of active outreach and dissemination initiatives designed to acquaint senior military personnel and civilians with these emerging issues. The CCRP Publication Series is a key element of this effort. Information is a strategic asset. Without it, the organizations and the operations they undertake have little chance of success. DoD's Chief Information Officer is working to ensure that our forces have the access to the information they need, when and where they need it. It is equally important that they also have the capability to share information and to collaborate with the individuals and organizations they must work with to successfully plan and carry out operations. This will ensure that they will have the ability to take what information they need while being able to contribute what they know. The result will be an organization that can bring all available information to bear."

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