Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction: Quarterly Report to Congress [April 30, 2007]   [open pdf - 11MB]

"This Report marks a significant evolution in the U.S. relief and reconstruction effort in Iraq: the part of the U.S. program supported by the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund (IRRF) is nearly complete. Concomitantly, the Government of Iraq (GOI) is assuming progressively more of the financial burden for Iraq's continued recovery. This important shift, however, does not signify the end of substantial U.S. assistance to Iraq. To the contrary, American support for Iraq's recovery will remain relatively robust for the foreseeable future. The evolution of the IRRF means that SIGIR's oversight mission in Iraq is evolving as well. Pursuant to its congressional directive, SIGIR continues to report on the investment of the IRRF and the relief funds appropriated in FY 2006. Over the remaining course of this year, however, SIGIR will adjust its personnel footprint in Iraq to comport with its gradually diminishing mission. This quarter, SIGIR continued its comprehensive, on-the-ground oversight of Iraq reconstruction, producing 4 audits, 9 project assessments, and making progress on 79 investigations into allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse involving reconstruction funds. Section 3 contains summaries of this work. SIGIR's 4 audits bring to 86 the total number of audits produced by SIGIR over the past three years. SIGIR's 9 inspections bring the total number of inspections completed to 94. SIGIR investigators progressed on a number of fraud cases this quarter, 28 of which are being prosecuted by the Department of Justice."

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