Trafficking in Persons: USAID's Response   [open pdf - 837KB]

"For the past five years, the U.S. Government has led a concerted international effort to combat trafficking in persons. The issue is now recognized as an abuse of human rights on a global scale, with governments, non-governmental organizations and international organizations engaged in the fight. Education about the issue, protection for victims and prosecution of traffickers has increased. […] Yet, serious challenges remain. First, there are still significant trafficking problems within individual countries exacerbated by corruption, weak rule of law, poverty, conflict, natural disasters, and lack of political will to tackle the problem. USAID continues to work on these issues as they affect trafficking directly, while ensuring that our anti-trafficking efforts are strengthened or reinforced by the other development programs we are funding. Secondly, the illicit, underground, and shifting nature of trafficking itself makes it difficult to know the extent of human trafficking both within countries and on a transnational scale. There is an effort within the U.S. Government to get better information and data on the extent of the problem. Third, human traffickers shift locations, routes, and tactics as risks to them increase, often making it difficult for law enforcement to track and control trafficking in persons. This difficulty is compounded by the cross-border nature of the problem. USAID encourages regional networks and better information sharing and communication between organizations working to eliminate trafficking. Finally, evaluating the effectiveness of anti-trafficking efforts is difficult because it entails trying to measure changes in the phenomenon without a baseline and trying to monitor the existence of an underground activity that is very mobile. In the future, USAID will put greater emphasis on innovative ways to meet the challenge of measuring impact."

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