National Counterterrorism Center Report on Terrorist Incidents- 2006   [open pdf - 6MB]

"According to open-source information, approximately 14,000 terrorist attacks occurred in various countries during 2006, resulting in over 20,000 deaths. As compared with 2005, attacks in 2006 rose by 3,000, a 25 percent increase, while deaths rose by 5,800, a 40 percent increase. As was the case last year, by far the largest number of reported terrorist incidents and deaths occurred in the Near East and South Asia. These two regions also were the locations for 90 percent of the nearly 300 high-casualty attacks in 2006 that killed 10 or more people- only a total of five high-casualty attacks occurred in Europe-Eurasia, East Asia-Pacific, and the Western Hemisphere. Violence against noncombatants in eastern and sub-Saharan Africa, particularly related to attacks associated with turmoil in or near Sudan and Nigeria, rose 64 percent in 2006, rising to 422 from the approximately 256 attacks reported for 2005. The number of reported incidents in 2006 fell for Europe and Eurasia by 15 percent from last year, for South Asia by 10 percent, and for the Western Hemisphere by 5 percent. No high-casualty attacks occurred in Western Europe, and only one occurred in Southeast Asia, in the southern Philippines. In Indonesia, there were no high-casualty attacks and 95 percent fewer victims of terror in 2006."

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