Methamphetamine and Related Crime: The Impacts of Methamphetamine Abuse   [open pdf - 980KB]

"The methamphetamine epidemic that has swept across the United States has roots and has presented a wide range of challenges in Washington State for years. While local production of methamphetamine has appeared to decrease as indicated by the reduction of reported laboratories, demand has continued to increase. The methamphetamine threat is a complex problem that is not easily solved with associated costs that are staggering. Methamphetamine production and abuse causes legal, medical, environmental, and social problems. Significant time and resources are consumed in order to investigate and dismantle methamphetamine labs, make arrests, prosecute lawbreakers, provide treatment for those addicted to the drug, and clean-up lab sites. The many societal consequences also include a disturbing number of methamphetamine arrests in which children are found living in appalling conditions. These children are often the victims of neglect and abuse, while some have also been exposed to the toxic chemicals used in the production process as well as the finished product. Methamphetamine labs also pose a significant danger to the environment, the community, and public service responders. This assessment will outline the current methamphetamine threat and will identify the crimes that are most often associated with methamphetamine abuse as well as the public impacts the drug is having in Washington State."

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