Domestic Outreach Plan, Supporting Plan to the National Strategy for Aviation Security, March 26, 2007   [open pdf - 67KB]

"The United States Government responded to the attacks of September 11, 2001, with an unambiguous, comprehensive increase in measures to enhance aviation security. It was quickly apparent that the active, layered aviation security and defense in-depth, which was the ultimate goal, would rely to a great degree on participation by aviation security partners at the State, local, and tribal levels, as well as within the Federal and private sectors. While there have been efforts to-date to inform and gain support from these organizations to achieve aviation security goals, the Domestic Outreach Plan provides strategic level guidance that will synchronize these efforts. In addition to the primary objective of providing a plan for conducting outreach to implement the other plans developed pursuant to NSPD-47/HSPD-16 more effectively, this plan also provides guidance for outreach in the event of a threat to or attack on the United States or another incident that disrupts in the Aviation Transportation System. The recently established Aviation Government Coordinating Council (AGCC) and Aviation Sector Coordinating Council (ASCC) will be responsible for conducting outreach during the implementation process of the National Strategy for Aviation Security (National Strategy) and its supporting plans. In order to ensure that all appropriate stakeholders are involved as the plans move toward implementation, it will be important to use the AGCC and ASCC as fora for coordination. The Plan outlines a framework for incident communications during a potential threat or after an attack on the United States or another incident that disrupts the Aviation Transportation System. This plan provides guidance for communications during aviation incidents for which major elements of the National Response Plan (NRP) are not activated."

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