Aviation Operational Threat Response Plan, Supporting Plan to the National Strategy for Aviation Security, March 26, 2007   [open pdf - 111KB]

"The Aviation Operational Threat Response Plan (Plan) directs the coordination, as appropriate, of the United States Government operational response to terrorist, criminal, and hostile state threats to, or attacks against, the United States and its interests in the Air Domain. This Plan is part of an active, layered, aviation security and defense in-depth. This Plan enhances our existing capabilities by directing the coordination, collaboration, and integration of United States Government national-level agency command centers, which includes for the purposes of this plan, operations centers. It enhances our capability to achieve coordinated, unified, timely, and effective planning and mission accomplishment to counter those threats that require immediate aviation response actions. This Plan supports the strategic objectives listed in NSPD-47/HSPD-16. To execute the coordination requirements and response activities more effectively, this Plan directs lead and supporting Federal department and agency roles and responsibilities based on the following criteria: existing law, desired United States Government outcome, greatest potential impact of the threat, the response capabilities required, assets on-scene, and authority to act. This Plan directs immediate actions, generally short duration in nature, to counter the full range of airborne and ground-based aviation security threats. These threats include, but are not limited to, those identified in NSPD-47/HSPD-16: attacks using aircraft as weapons against ground-based targets; attacks against aircraft, including hijacking and air piracy; attacks using standoff weapons, including Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) or weapons of mass destruction (WMD); and attacks against Aviation Transportation System (ATS) infrastructure."

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