Joint Publication 1: Joint Warfare of the Armed Forces of the United States, 14 November 2000   [open pdf - 1003KB]

"Joint Publication 1 is the capstone joint doctrine publication. It guides the Armed Forces of the United States in joint, multinational, and interagency activities at all levels across the range of military operations. This publication is written to assist members of the Armed Forces of the United States to operate successfully together. The joint team is comprised of the members of each Service, active and reserve, as well as associated civilians in the supporting governmental and private sector workforces. The guidance in this publication is broad and authoritative. It requires a leader's judgment in application. This doctrine will be followed except when, in the judgment of the commander, exceptional circumstances dictate otherwise. The Services have the principal responsibility to organize, train, equip, and sustain forces. These forces are employed under joint force commanders. Therefore, to assure that the Armed Forces achieve their fullest potential, all American military leaders must integrate the content of this publication into their efforts to develop leaders and train forces for joint, multinational, and interagency operations." The main areas covered in this publication include: Guides the Joint Action of the Armed Forces of the United States, Describes the Strategic Security Environment, Explores the Purpose of American Military Power and Its Core Competencies, Provides Considerations for the Application of Military Force Guided by National Military Strategy, Specifies Fundamentals for Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Operations, and Addresses the Challenges of the Future.

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