Out of Bounds: Innovation and Change in Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis   [open pdf - 6MB]

"Since 9/11, national security agencies and law enforcement agencies are seeking to build unprecedented partnerships. The urgent need to identify and prevent potentially destructive actions by those who threaten to harm us as a nation on our own territory demands new alliances. The challenge of combining the "eyes and ears" on our streets, or local level law enforcement, with the resources of federal law enforcement agencies and national security entities is great. The London suicide bombings in July 2005 emphasize the need for local-level knowledge to address future threats of terrorism. New ways of thinking to achieve a more secure homeland are not only desirable, but also essential to our continued survival. This book explores analytical capabilities in law enforcement, with a focus on local applications. Along with those in the political and media arenas, the 9/11 Commission has not recognized that intelligence analytical capacities exist in state and local law enforcement, and little mention of this emerging resource exists in the literature of the war on terrorism, or the Long War."

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