Navy and Marine Corps Operational Concept in support of the United States National Security Strategy   [open pdf - 69KB]

"The National Security Strategy of September 2002 provides direction for preserving the peace and defending the interests of the United States. The nation's unparalleled military strength combined with its great economic and political influence provides the essential capability to defend the United States against forces that threaten human freedom and individual liberties. The challenge is, though, to effectively integrate and employ all elements of national power in an environment of expanding responsibilities and escalating competition for finite resources. This strategic research project will evaluate Navy and Marine Corps future concepts to determine how well those services support the executive direction provided in the current National Security Strategy, National Defense Strategy, and National Military Strategy. It will assess how well the Navy and Marine Corps senior leadership's shared vision ensures naval forces control the seas, assure access, and project joint power ashore. For in order to effectively implement national policy across the full range of military operations, the intelligent integration of resources and unity of effort within the Department of the Navy are critical to the relevance of future naval forces and to the defense of national strategic interests."

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