Biosecurity Training: An Introduction to Biosecurity for VHA Research Laboratory Staff   [open pdf - 149KB]

"This presentation provides an overview of biosecurity measures for VHA research laboratory staff. It includes the basic concepts of biosecurity, components of a biosecurity program, laboratories requiring increased security, and employee responsibilities for VHA biosecurity. Biosecurity is preventing unauthorized entry into laboratories, removal or misuse of microbiological agents or hazardous agents, and removal or misuse of sensitive materials. Training is necessary in order to: increase awareness of security concerns, increase employee understanding of required security measures that are designed to protect staff and VA resources, and prevent materials found in research laboratories from being used for unintended purposes such as bioterrorism. Biosafety is the Aministrative policies, work practices, safety equipment, and lab design that protects the worker and the environment. The components of a biosecurity program include institutional policies, a security plan, training, and evaluation. This entails physical security, personnel security and access control, information security, material control and accountability, vulnerability assessment, and emergency response plans."

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Dept. of Veterans Affairs: Biosafety & Biosecurity Program: http://www1.va.gov/resdev/programs/biosafety/default.cfm#policy
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