Special Operations: Achieving Unified Direction in the Global War on Terrorism   [open pdf - 524KB]

"Designated by the Department of Defense as the lead for planning and synchronizing operations for the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) now has the significant challenge of prosecuting a global campaign without owning any global terrain. What organizational changes within SOF would allow USSOCOM to achieve increased efficiency and greater responsiveness to both global and theater requirements within the boundaries of its authorities as a functional combatant command? This monograph analyzes USSOCOM's current organization and command and control (C2) for employment of forces in its role as both a supporting and supported combatant command within the framework of joint operations doctrine. The fundamentals of joint operations provide a common doctrinal framework for examining command structures and functions in the joint environment and, more importantly, it explains the joint environment in which SOF operates and to which it must adhere. This monograph provides three recommendations for organizational change within SOF to enhance USSOCOM's ability to achieve unified direction in the prosecution of the GWOT."

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