Maritime Domain Awareness: A Western Hemisphere Imperative   [open pdf - 58KB]

"The National Strategy for Maritime Security states terrorists will most likely transport weapons of mass destruction into the United States via the maritime domain. Maritime domain awareness (MDA) is the understanding of the situation at sea to enable maritime security. Development of a comprehensive maritime domain awareness program is critical in preventing another terrorist attack on the United States. The focus of this project is to research a question posed by U.S. Northern Command concerning whether Canada and the United States should enter into a bi-national agreement for maritime domain awareness. My research lead me to the conclusion that to truly develop maritime domain awareness that will protect America a Western Hemisphere multinational treaty organization of willing states needs to be established to develop a common operational picture of the maritime domain. The project lays out a three-phase approach to establishing this organization beginning with establishing a bi-national agreement with Canada. Phase 2 is bringing Mexico into the organization which would include the transformation of Joint Interagency Task Force South into the Western Hemisphere Maritime Domain Awareness Center. The final phase develops the organization fully with willing nations in the Western Hemisphere contributing what they can to develop a complete regional common operational picture."

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