Bush African Policy: Fighting the Global War on Terrorism   [open pdf - 71KB]

"The National Security Strategy (NSS) states that 'disease war and desperate poverty threaten the U.S.'s core value of preserving dignity as well as our strategic priority of combating global terrorism.' Africa torn apart by war religious strife disease and poverty and marked by corruption weak judicial and financial regulatory systems porous borders and unregulated coastlines unfortunately epitomizes this NSS excerpt and is emerging as a haven for terrorists. These and other factors such as lack of education create an atmosphere of hopelessness that nurtures breeding grounds for international terrorist groups. Although these factors do not automatically create terrorism or a terrorist they are likely factors in determining whether an alienated person turns to extremist violence if potential sources of dissatisfaction are not addressed through effective and meaningful programs. The U.S. National Strategy for Combating Terrorism recognizes that the fight against international terrorism is a long-term battle against the underlying conditions that promote the despair and the destructive visions of political change that lead people to embrace rather than shun terrorism. This campaign thus involves tackling broader societal problems: poverty social disorder lack of democracy and poor governance. This paper establishes the link between each pillar of the Bush African policy and the goals of our National Strategy for Combating Terrorism and makes recommendations to strengthen those links."

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