Immigration and Naturalization Service, Monthly Statistical Report, September FY 1999 Year End Report   [open pdf - 299KB]

This report was prepared by the Department of Justice's Immigration and Naturalization Service. Some of its key findings are as follows: "Compared to September 1998, total inspections of citizens and aliens for entry to the United States increased 4 percent. Air admissions increased 5 percent and land admissions increased 3 percent compared to the previous September. Sea admissions increased 14 percent, and inadmissibles increased 14 percent compared to September 1998 […] The Border Patrol made 105,324 apprehensions along the southwest border during September 1999, 1 percent higher than September 1998. Voluntary returns conducted by Border Patrol agents, increased by 1 percent to 102,033 […] Applications and petitions for immigration benefits in September 1999 increased 15 percent compared to the number received in September 1998. September approvals were up 12 percent, while denials increased by 6 percent when compared to September 1998. In FY99, about 4.5 million applications for immigration benefits were received by the INS, slightly more than the number received in FY98. By contrast, pending cases increased by 25 percent, when compared to FY98 […] Naturalization receipts in September 1999 decreased 53 percent when compared to the previous September. Nevertheless, the total number of receipts for all twelve months of FY99 is only 18 percent below that recorded for fiscal year 1998. By contrast, 872,427 applicants for naturalization took the oath of citizenship during FY99, an increase of 84 percent compared to FY98."

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