S. Hrg. 109-420: Climate Change: Conference before the Committee on Energy and natural Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, Second Session on Climate Change, April 4, 2006   [open pdf - 223KB]

From the opening statement of Pete V. Domenici: "Special thanks go to those selected to participate today. Your comments illuminate the magnitude of the task faced by the committee, and, indeed, the task faced by the Congress, if it is to design a mandatory market-based greenhouse gas emission program that is fair to all affected and produces substantial greenhouse gas emission reductions that does no harm, does maximum harm to the-minimum harm to the economy and encourages the developing world to get on with their part of the effort. I do not know where we will end up, but I do believe that a large number of our citizens are concerned about climate change and I think that Congress needs to explore ways to reduce our contribution to the greenhouse gases to the atmosphere." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Paul Bailey, Jeff Bingaman, Michael Bradley, Kateri Callahan, Eileen Claussen, Pete V. Domenici, David Doniger, Garth Edward, Dianne Feinstein, Jason Grumet, Ned Helme, Chris Hobson, Kirk Johnson, Fred Krupp, Donald Marron, Elizabeth A. Moler, Craig Montesano, Michael Morris, Michael Murray, Jonathan Pershing, William Pizer, Rafe Pomerance, Richard Richels, Richard Rosenzweig, Andy Ruben, Ruth Shaw, David Slump, Jeff Sterba, Margo Thorning, Michael Walsh, and Samuel Wolfe.

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S. Hrg. 109-420; Senate Hearing 109-420
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