Emergency Preparedness and Response Systems   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The objective of this thesis is to review and analyze the current Command and Control communications used by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and provide best business practices of Emergency Preparedness and Response Systems capable of responding to all public health emergencies, act of terrorism and mass casualty incidents. Natural and man-made disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, plane crashes, high-rise building collapses, or major nuclear facility malfunctions, pose an ever-present danger challenge to public emergency services. In order to manage such disasters in a rapid and highly efficient and coordinated manner, the optimal provisions of information concerning any crisis situation is an essential pre-requisite. Local Police, Fire departments, Public Health Department, Civil Defense, Military and other emergency response organizations must react efficiently yet individually but most importantly, in a coordinated manner. These results in the necessity for both intra and inter organization coordination at several hierarchy levels. Since coordination requires current information, such information must be communicated within and between organizations in real-time, the need arises for an integrated communication and information system solely designated or disaster management that provides processing of relevant efficient, reliable and secure exchange of information."

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