Department of Homeland Security: The Budget for Fiscal Year 2008   [open pdf - 333KB]

"The Administration is dedicated to comprehensive reform of America's immigration laws by increasing border security, while maintaining the Nation's tradition of welcoming immigrants who enter the country legally. For immigration reform to succeed, it must be based on five pillars: 1) strengthening security at the borders; 2) substantially increasing enforcement in the interior to remove those who are here illegally, and to prevent employers from deliberately or inadvertently hiring illegal immigrants; 3) implementing a Temporary Worker Program to provide a legal channel for employers to hire foreign workers to do jobs Americans are unwilling to do; 4) addressing the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country; and 5) helping new immigrants assimilate into American society. The Administration's plan will deter and apprehend migrants attempting to enter the country illegally and decrease crime rates along the border. The plan also will serve the needs of the economy by allowing employers to hire legal foreign workers on a temporary basis when no American is willing to take the job, bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows without providing amnesty, and restore public confidence in the Federal Government's ability to enforce immigration laws."

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