Maritime Domain Awareness: The Key to Maritime Security Operational Challenges and Technical Solutions   [open pdf - 673KB]

From the Abstract: "'We will not win the Global War on Terrorism if we cannot tell the bad guys from the good guys. We have to develop the capability to do that.' This statement, made by former CNO Admiral Vern Clark in December 2004, sums up the essence of where maritime domain awareness (MDA) fits in the continuum of the quest for international maritime security. Simply put, without adequate MDA, the ability to enhance maritime security and win the global war on terrorism (GWOT) will remain elusive. This challenge has been addressed at the international policy level by the United Nations and by the International Maritime Organization. At the national level, the United States Government has addressed this challenge in a number of policy documents, most importantly, the 'National Strategy for Maritime Security' and 'The National Plan to Improve Maritime Domain Awareness'. While the policy imperatives of achieving MDA are strong and straightforward and while the concept of operations to put this into effect is already evolving, the technical challenges to achieving the requisite degree of MDA to pursue the GWOT and defend the U.S. Homeland are significant, primarily because MDA is such a broad and comprehensive subject."

Ggeorge Galdorisi and Rebekah Goshorn
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11th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium (ICCRTS): 'Coalition Command and Control in the Networked Era.' Cambridge, England, UK. September 26-28, 2006
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