S. Hrg. 109-188: Climate Change: Hearings before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session to Receive Testimony Regarding the Current State of Climate Change Scientific Research and the Economics of Strategies to Manage Climate Change, July 21, 2005, September 20, 2005   [open pdf - 774KB]

From the opening statement of Pete V. Domenici: "It will not be the last hearing on this subject, but certainly for our committee, it is the first and it is very important. At the time we discussed this, Senator Bingaman and I were engaged in serious discussions about what we might agree should be done about the issue of climate change. I have come to accept that something is happening with the earth's climate. I am aware that many in the scientific community are warning us that something needs to be done. I am also aware that there are other qualified members of the scientific community who do not share those views, and probably even more who are concerned that anything we do will significantly affect our economy and even our way of life, and also suggest that maybe whatever we do will not have any impact. So as I said, we are going to have additional hearings, and hear from those witnesses who have different views from what we are going to hear today. I believe that prudence warns that we consider this issue, that we hear from scientists, and we hear from economists about exactly what the role of humans is in all of this, and what the impact will be if we decide to address it. And what it might be if we decide to do nothing. So what, how, who, and when seem, to me, to be questions that have to be answered in my mind." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Daniel K. Akaka, Jeff Bingaman, Maria Cantwell, Ralph J. Cicerone, Jon Corzine, Pete V. Domenici, Dianne Feinstein, John Houghton, James W. Hurrell, Mel Martinez, Mario Molina, Lisa Murkowski, Ken Salazar, James M. Talent, Howard Gruenspecht, Jason S. Grumet, Richard D.

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S. Hrg. 109-188; Senate Hearing 109-188
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