USMILGP Colombia: Transforming Security Cooperation in the Global War on Terrorism   [open pdf - 370KB]

"The key to long-term success in the Global War on Terrorism involves maximizing the effectiveness of U.S. military aid to partner nations. The United States can not sustain long-duration deployments of thousands of troops. However, international crisis will not likely subside. The United States needs to encourage and better prepare its partner nations to take more active roles. As exemplified in Colombia, Security Assistance Organizations must build and increase the capabilities of our partner nations' militaries and be prepared to rapidly expand to support a partner nation's counter-insurgent / terrorist / narcoterrorist effort. Current world-wide SAO structures do not adequately support such robust ventures. The Government of Colombia has been fighting insurgents, international crime, and terrorism for the past five decades. 'Plan Colombia' and post-911 expanded authorities have allowed the United States to provide substantial and increasing support to assist Colombia. U.S. support to the Republic of Colombia, may be considered a model for limited Joint support to a partner nation's CT/CNT fight. The current MILGP-Colombia re-structuring plan provides a base model from which a flexible model for a more robust and responsive SAO. . . a 'Joint Security Assistance & Cooperation Command (JSACC)'. JSACCs will allow the United States to succeed in supporting a partner nation in an environment that is neither war nor peace."

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