Road Map for National Security: The Intersection of the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense   [open pdf - 76KB]

"The country remains in transition, because of the tragic events of 9/11: the federal government, our military, and the American way of life are in transformation. Four years after September 2001, homeland security experts continue realigning a new department and defining the roles and responsibilities of twenty-two combined legacy federal agencies and 188,000 employees. Likewise, a dozen years after the Cold War, defense experts continue determining the most important features of the national strategic landscape. During this period of adjustment, Americans have reasonable expectations that law enforcement will secure our homeland and warfighters will defend this great nation. Our leadership will only meet these expectations through a shared strategic vision for securing and defending our future. This project reviews the roles and responsibilities of the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense as legislated by the United States Congress and articulated in the President's 'National Security Strategy' and supporting strategies. It then examines the intersection of homeland security-homeland defense missions as one department provides a law enforcement capability and the other a warfighter capability--each to secure our homeland and defend our nation. Finally, this analysis recommends the development of a shared plan for orchestrating homeland security and national defense."

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