Evaluation of Implementation of a New Emergency Management System for Public Health in the State of Georgia   [open pdf - 321KB]

"This Report presents a qualitative evaluation of the effectiveness of preparedness efforts in the State public health system during two subsequent disasters in 1998. Overall, the State and district staff reported that the planning process and regular plan maintenance implemented under the new public health system greatly improved their ability to respond effectively, especially in relation to staff management, communications, reduced stress, and improved deployment times, as well as other areas. However, some shortcomings with the new system were also noted. Overall, the system worked well, but will continue to require support and guidance from the DPH Emergency Coordinator for the procedures to run smoothly. The general sentiment after the analysis was that because of their prior flood experience, the public health staff knew they could handle anything; because of their planning, they knew they could do it efficiently. This Report was funded in part through a Quick Response Research Grant from the Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center. "

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