How Can the United States Best Prepare Army Federal Troops to Respond Quickly to Future National Emergencies Within the United States   [open pdf - 568KB]

Thesis, Master of Military Art and Science Strategy. From the abstract: "It is time that Congress, DOD and the Army end the confusion surrounding the usage of Federal troops within the United States and that they create an effective strategy for the timely integration of Federal forces with local and state efforts after a natural or manmade disaster occurs. This thesis lays out five major recommendations for policy makers. First, the Federal military must learn to efficiently support the National Guard, rather than prepare to assume their duties and responsibilities. Second, the Posse Comitatus Act, in its current form, has outlived its usefulness. The PCA must be updated to distinguish between combat and non-combat Federal forces. Third, a domestic War Powers Act is needed to lower the partisan politics surrounding the usage of Federal troops, while establishing checks and balances to prevent Presidential abuse. Fourth, Congress should spell out in clear language the dominant role local and state authorities have in responding to disasters. Federal organizations cannot respond fast enough to fill this role. Last, the Army must designate the Combined Arms Center (CAC) as the Army proponent for Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) operations, and make CAC responsible for managing all DOTMLPF related issues."

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