DoD's Role in Homeland Defense and Homeland Security   [open pdf - 265KB]

"The terrorist attacks in the late summer of 2001 introduced America to the terms Homeland Defense (HLD) and Homeland Security (HLS). The two terms are often used synonymously, and most Americans have no idea what the differences are. Looking at the security blanket of oceans to the east and west, and friendly nations to the north and south it is not? any wonder why Americans rarely, if ever, uttered these terms. Now of course that has changed. HLD and HLS have become everyday words in America, and Americans are now trying to come to grips with what these two terms actually mean and represent. Americans understand what the Department of Defense (DoD) encompasses. They generally understand the DoD mission of serving as America? warriors and protecting America from its enemies; but not at home. They are not comfortable with the terms and concepts of HLS and HLD, nor are they comfortable with their understanding of DoD's role in protecting America, within the borders of America. These two terms, and their broader meanings, challenges and interpretations, as well as the emerging role of DoD in both HLD and HLS form the basis for this paper. The main sources used in researching this paper have been primary and secondary documents."

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