[Memorandum for William E. Peterson, Regional Director, FEMA Region VI, From Tonda L. Hadley, Director Central Regional Office, Regarding Audit of the City of Houston, Texas Spending of FEMA Funds Following the 2001 Hurricane Allison Disaster. Audit Report Number DD-07-04]   [open pdf - 206KB]

"The Office of Inspector General (OIG) audited public assistance funds awarded to the City of Houston, Texas (City). The objective of the audit was to determine whether the City expended and accounted for Federal Emergency Management Directorate (FEMA) funds according to federal regulations and FEMA guidelines. The City received an award of $38.68 million from the Texas Governor's Division of Emergency Management (GDEM), a FEMA grantee, for damages resulting from Tropical Storm Allison, beginning on June 5,2001, and continuing. The award provided 75 percent FEMA funding for 63 large projects and 256 small projects.1 At the time of our audit, most of the permanent work projects (categories C through G) were not complete; therefore, we focused on emergency work projects (categories A and B). We examined the costs for eight large emergency work projects totaling $16.04 million, representing 41.5 percent of the total award (see Exhibit A). The audit covered the period of June 5,2001, to November 30,2005, during which the City claimed $17.80 million for the 8 projects and GDEM disbursed $11.14 million in FEMA funds for direct program costs."

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