Scenario Technology for Planning C2 Exercises   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Over the years, military exercises have proven to increase our country's effectiveness in actual missions. However, the exercise planning process is a time consuming activity that can span anywhere from months to years. Scenarios are often used during C2 exercise planning and execution to portray training tasks in the context of real-world situations. Exercise scenarios typically originate as a few high level paragraphs or pages of textual and/or graphical information and evolve into very detailed events as the exercise planning process progresses. The development of a detailed scenario to support an exercise is a time consuming process that often accounts for a large portion of the exercise planning cycle. Thus, there is a need for technology that enhances the exercise planning process by shortening the amount of time it takes to create and validate detailed exercise scenarios against training tasks and available resources. This paper discusses the capabilities of the Air Defense Exercise Planning Tool (ADEPT). The goal of the ADEPT technology is to shorten the exercise planning cycle by providing automated scenario development, analysis and generation capabilities. In addition, the paper addresses current limitations of existing scenario technology, the results of small pilot project and future capabilities for ADEPT."

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