Highlights of the Iraq Strategy Review: Summary Briefing Slides   [open pdf - 46KB]

The National Security Council developed this presentation on the highlights of the Iraq Strategy Review. It outlines the guiding principles: "success in Iraq remains critical to our national security and to success in the War on Terror; failure in Iraq would have disastrous consequences for the United States, the region, and our allies; and there is no silver bullet solution in Iraq. Every option involves trade-offs across various risks." It also describes the U.S. relationship to the War on Terror, and emphasizes that "the Freedom Agenda is advanced by the survival and strengthening of Iraq's democratic institutions." A regional picture is provided, as well as the present situation, key assumptions, strategic goals and objectives, and major strategic shifts emphasizing the U.S. in a support role to Iraqis, helping Iraqis provide security to the population, diversified political and economic efforts in Iraq, integrated civil and military efforts, embedding Iraq Strategy in regional approach, and maintaining/expanding U.S. capabilities for the Long War.

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