49 CFR Parts 1520 and 1580: Rail Transportation Security: Final Rule   [open pdf - 679KB]

"The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issues this final rule to enhance the security of our Nation's rail transportation system. This rule establishes security requirements for freight railroad carriers; intercity, commuter, and short-haul passenger train service providers; rail transit systems; and rail operations at certain, fixed-site facilities that ship or receive specified hazardous materials by rail. This rule codifies the scope of TSA's existing inspection program and requires regulated parties to allow TSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials to enter, inspect, and test property, facilities, conveyances, and records relevant to rail security. This rule also requires that regulated parties designate rail security coordinators and report significant security concerns. This rule further requires that freight rail carriers and certain facilities handling specified hazardous materials be able to report location and shipping information to TSA upon request and implement chain of custody requirements to ensure a positive and secure exchange of specified hazardous materials. TSA also clarifies and amends the sensitive security information (SSI) protections to cover certain information associated with rail transportation."

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