Setting Wildland Dispatch Levels   [open pdf - 460KB]

"The amount and types of equipment that the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) dispatches to a wildland fire is based on the fire danger at the time. CDF is not consistent in the way fire danger is measured and therefore may be sending too much equipment in some cases and too little in others. The problem addressed by this research paper was that the method the CDF dispatch center in the Amador El Dorado Ranger Unit used to set dispatch levels may not have been adequate. The purpose of this paper was to determine if there was a better way for the ranger unit to establish dispatch levels based on a truer assessment of fire danger. Historical, descriptive, and evaluative research methodologies were used to answer the following research questions: 1. What tools were available for use in determining where changes in dispatch levels should be made? 2. What does fire report data show regarding the amount of equipment dispatched to fires in the Amador El Dorado Ranger Unit? 3. Is there a need to modify the existing practice of setting dispatch levels in the Amador El Dorado Ranger Unit? The procedures used included a review of the literature and extensive analysis of historical fire and weather records. Additionally, fire reports were analyzed to evaluate the amount of equipment used on fires. The literature review provided a significant amount of information about fire danger rating."

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