Biometric Authentication Technology: From the Movies to Your Desktop   [open pdf - 142KB]

"Recent advances in biometric technology have resulted in increased accuracy at reduced costs, biometric technologies are positioning themselves as the foundation for many highly secure identification and personal verification solutions. Today's biometric solutions provide a means to achieve fast, user-friendly authentication with a high level of accuracy and cost savings. Many areas will benefit from biometric technologies. Highly secure and trustworthy electronic commerce, for example, will be essential to the healthy growth of the global Internet economy. Many biometric technology providers are already delivering biometric authentication for a variety of web-based and client/server based applications to meet these and other needs. Continued improvements in technology will bring increased performance at a lower cost. Interest in biometrics is growing substantially. Evidence of the growing acceptance of biometrics is the availability in the marketplace of biometric-based authentication solutions that are becoming more accurate, less expensive, faster and easy to use. The Biometric Consortium, NIST and NSA are supporting this growth. While biometric authentication is not a magical solution that solves all authentication concerns, it will make it easier and cheaper for you to use a variety of automated information systems even if you're not a secret agent."

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