Informe Sobre Seguridad Marítima: Comité Técnico Consultivo (CTC) Sobre Seguridad Marítima de la OEA: Una iniciativa multinacional para formular una estrategia común y elaborar pautas básicas y normas mínimas con miras a mejorar la seguridad portuaria en el Hemisferio Occidental   [open pdf - 793KB]

Alternate Title: Report on Maritime Security: OAS Technical Consultation on Maritime Security: A Multinational Initiative to Formulate a Common Strategy to Create Basic Rules and Norms to Improve Port Security in the Western Hemisphere

Note: This document is in Spanish. "The member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) have recognized that a coordinated multilateral approach to improving port security in the Western Hemisphere is needed and has established a Technical Advisory Group on Port Security (TAG/PS). The purpose of the TAG/PS is to advise the Inter-American Committee on Ports on all aspects of port security. The task set before it is to develop a common port security strategy and devise basic guidelines and minimum standards of security for the ports of the members of the OAS. This report discusses the establishment and function the TAG/PS."

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