United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Interim Pandemic Response Plan   [open pdf - 508KB]

The NRC's Pandemic Response Plan is intended to equip NRC managers and staff to maintain adequate protection of public health and safety, promotion of the common defense and security, and protection of the environment through the continuity of the agency's more important functions, identified as Pandemic Priority Functions (PPFs), in the event of a pandemic that could significantly increase absenteeism at NRC and in licensed activities. In conjunction with this Plan, each NRC Office and Region will develop Office-level procedures to support continuation of these priority functions during a pandemic. Unlike the NRC Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan which provides for continuity of mission-essential agency functions for up to 30 days during and after natural or man-made emergencies that are expected to occur at times and places that are fairly well defined, this Plan provides for continuity of NRC operations in response to a pandemic which could present a more persistent and widespread assault that may grow and fade over a period of many months before finally dying out.

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