Environmental Excellence: Army National Guard   [open pdf - 7MB]

"Preserving, protecting and restoring natural and cultural resources are integral to the Army National Guard's commitment to defending America's lands and liberties. Environmental stewardship ensures invaluable resources are sustained for future generations, while providing the men and women of the Army National Guard with quality training land. As one of seven Dept. of Defense reserve components, the Army National Guard has units supporting readiness centers, training centers and maintenance facilities at approximately 3,100 locations throughout the 50 states, three territories and one district. These assets enhance the national military strategy by augmenting the Army whenever and wherever needed. In addition to our federal military responsibilities, we support the states during natural disasters and civil unrest. The new millennium introduces a myriad of changes and challenges for our nation and its military forces. Members of the Army National Guard live in your community and are your neighbors, friends and co-workers. Although we primarily serve part-time, our units have increasingly absorbed missions and responsibilities formerly assigned to the active-duty Army."

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