Army National Guard Vision 2010   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Army National Guard Vision 2010 is the conceptual link for America's community-based land force to Army Vision 2010, Army After Next (the active Army's projections of the geostrategic environment 30 years into the future), and Joint Vision 2010 (the operationally-based template to achieve new levels of joint capabilities and effectiveness). It also aligns the Army National Guard's vision, priorities and goals as collectively developed by the senior leadership in building a 21st Century full spectrum joint military team that is persuasive in peace, decisive in war and preeminent in any form of conflict. Today's citizen-soldiers are fully engaged in joint operational support, nation-building, military-to-military contact with emerging democracies, preventive deterrence to hedge against aggression as well as domestic support operations and community assistance missions. In the future, as in the past, these citizen-soldiers will remain committed, if called upon, to provide the decisive, expansible warfighting land force to demonstrate the national will as the community-based, globally projected component of America's Army and America's joint warfighting team."

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