Threat Posed by the Convergence of Organized Crime, Drugs Trafficking and Terrorism, Congressional Statement of Ralf Mutschke, Assistant Director, Criminal Intelligence Directorate International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol General Secretariate Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, December 13, 2000   [open html - 0B]

"Congressional testimony addressing the threats posed by the increasing links between terrorist and more traditional criminal activities. Begins by exposing the issues and emerging trends that Interpol considers significant or potentially significant in the foreseeable future, then gives remarks on the threats posed by this problem and recommendations to combat it... Structural links between political terrorism and traditional criminal activity, such as drugs trafficking, armed robbery or extortion have come increasingly to the attention of law enforcement authorities, security agencies and political decision makers. There is a fairly accepted view in the international community that in recent years, direct state sponsorship has declined, therefore terrorists increasingly have to resort to other means of financing, including criminal activities, in order to raise funds. These activities have traditionally been drug trafficking, extortion/collection of 'revolutionary taxes,' armed robbery, and kidnappings. The involvement of such groups as the PKK, LTTE, and GIA in these activities has been established."

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