Hurricane Katrina: Utilization of Private, Non-Governmental Health Professionals Time for New Strategies   [open pdf - 335KB]

"This thesis focuses on the medical as part of the public health response to Hurricane Katrina, specific to the issues of the private, non-governmental health professional. A brief survey was completed by 41 state level Bioterrorism Hospital Coordinators. Information obtained highlights the issues of the inability to deploy these private health professionals. Traditional governmental mutual aid mechanisms do not cover private non-governmental health professionals for workers compensation and death benefits. A review of the potential deployment mechanisms provides insight to the challenges and complexity specific to private health professionals. The motivation for volunteerism highlights the importance of targeting volunteer activities to the motivation of the individual volunteer. Investigating the impact thwarting the private, nongovernmental health professionals may have on future planning and response activities reinforce the need to modify the structures currently in place. The National Response Plan stresses the importance of including private industry into emergency preparedness and response strategies. This thesis outlines a strategy to pilot a project working with an established state volunteer registry by providing mechanisms to federalize those pre-identified, pre-credentialed volunteer health professionals. Once completed, this pilot could be expanded to other states ensuring a solid mechanism to quickly and safely mobilize this critical response discipline."

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