Standardized Training to Improve Readiness of the Medical Reserve Corps: A Department of Health and Human Services Program under the Direction of the Office of the Surgeon General   [open pdf - 292KB]

"The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) was formed to provide a cadre of trained medical volunteers to support and strengthen the public health infrastructure and improve its' emergency preparedness level. Training policies and standards are left to the discretion of the local MRC coordinator so the program maintains its flexibility to meet community needs. Training varies from unit to unit, and there are no protocols in place to measure or evaluate the effectiveness of that training. According to recent studies and surveys, disaster operations are an unfamiliar role for most MRC volunteers and the public health workforce in general. Evidence also suggests that few medical and public health workers receive this important preparedness training. In 2005, MRC working group members developed a list of core competency recommendations to provide training guidance, but specific educational content to satisfy those competencies were not defined. This thesis offers specific training content guidelines and strategies for achieving competency. The MRC must be able to integrate into the disaster environment while working safely, effectively and efficiently. Standards will set the mark for success, enabling the MRC to respond in a coordinated manner and at a consistently higher level to any public health emergency."

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