Staging for Hostile incidents: Evaluating Effectiveness of the Staging Policy for Firefighter Safety   [open pdf - 385KB]

"In November 1998, an applied research project was completed by this author in response to the perceptible increase in violence and hostility that firefighters in Clackamas County, Oregon, were facing. It had been noted that many 'close calls' had taken place as firefighters responded to emergency incidents. Among those incidents were examples of direct threats and assaults upon Clackamas County Fire District #1 fire personnel while performing their jobs. As a result of the predecessor applied research project, titled Responders at Risk: Surviving Violence in the Streets, a policy was developed for Clackamas County Fire District #1 in an attempt to increase the level of safety for firefighters in violent situations. Implemented in December 1998, the policy, Staging: Known/Unknown Hostile Incidents, has now been in effect for approximately one year. The previous applied research project focused upon the problem that hostility and violence in the field led to the compromise of firefighter safety. The problem for this applied research is that firefighter safety continues to be compromised in hostile and violent situations. The purpose for this applied research project was to follow up on its predecessor research and, specifically, to evaluate the effectiveness of the Staging: Known/Unknown Hostile Incidents policy for providing a reasonable margin of firefighter safety. The evaluative research method was used in answering the following three research questions: 1. What is the level of compliance with the Standard Operating Guideline (SOG) titled Staging: Known/Unknown Hostile Incidents? 2. How are other like-sized Portland metropolitan area fire agencies protecting their firefighters in similar situations? 3. What, if any, modifications could be made to increase effectiveness of the SOG?"

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