Global Intelligence Challenges 2005: Meeting Long-Term Challenges with a Long-Term Strategy   [open pdf - 260KB]

"It is my honor to meet with you today to discuss the challenges I see facing America and its interests in the months ahead. These challenges literally span the globe. My intention is to tell you what I believe are the greatest challenges we face today and those where our service as intelligence professionals is needed most on behalf of the US taxpayer. We need to make tough decisions about which haystacks deserve to be scrutinized for the needles that can hurt us most. And we know in this information age that there are endless haystacks everywhere. I do want to make several things clear: Our officers are taking risks, and I will be asking them to take more risks- justifiable risks- because I would much rather explain why we did something than why we did nothing, I am asking for more competitive analysis, more collocation of analysts and collectors, and deeper collaboration with agencies throughout the Intelligence Community. Above all, our analysis must be objective. Our credibility rests there."

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